Laterapedagogy-Lateratherapy Training ®

At present, the Laterapedagogy-Lateratherapy training and “Licence to practise” are exclusively and respectively delivered in French and issued by Joëlle Morice Mugnier.

You are

➔ Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Specialized Educator ?

➔ Orthoptist, Coach In Mental Management, Graphotherapist / Educator, Speech Therapist / Logopedist ?

➔ Psychomotricien, Psychopédagogue, Médecin, Psychopraticien,

➔ Psychomotrician, Psychopedagogue, Doctor, Psychopractitioner ?


Would you like to attend a training course in Laterapedagogy® or Lateratherapy® ?



A laterapedagogue practises laterapedagogy, which they integrate into their specific professional practice.

They usually are a :
Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Specialized Educator, Orthoptist, Coach In Mental Management, Graphotherapist / Educator, Speech Therapist / Logopedist


A laterapractitioner practises laterapedagogy and lateratherapy, which they integrate to their specific professional practice.

They usually are a:
Psychomotrician, Psychopedagogue, Doctor, Psychopractitioner, Body Therapist, Psychologist, Psychotherapist.

DURATION : 4 months – 3 stages

Flexible upon request

4x 3-hr work sessions

It is possible to group 2 sessions together.

The session dates and time will be discussed and agreed.

To be downloaded and printed by yourself (included in the training fee) :

The professional handbook

The test and exercise protocol

If you wish to receive extra support, through one-hour sessions for example, in-between the 4 main sessions, these will be charged at an hourly rate in addition to the training fee

3x (minimum) 1.5-hr extra sessions

The session dates will be discussed and agreed.
Possibility to work over the phone or Skype upon request.

To work together on the case study to be presented

More if you feel the need, charged at an hourly rate, in addition to the overall fee.

You will receive complimentary case studies validated by other professionals as well as the document stating the criteria to develop the case study you will present.

Your case study viva voce – 2 hrs

This corresponds to 2 hours minimum of assessment work by the trainer for the assessment, corrections, final proofreading and validation.

Training Objectives :

To know your own laterality
Original and acquired – personalized tests and assessment
To become aware of and identify the impacts of our right-handed system

Processes of left-to-right direction for reading, writing and thinking in our daily life; the impacts on the body, brain, affect and mind.

To equip you with the foundations of the Laterapedagogy / Lateratherapy method to enable you and your students / patients to

Identify the symptoms relating to dyslaterality :

dyslexia / dysorthographia / dyscalculia (difficulties in reading, swapping letters, syllables, numbers, etc. around), dysgraphia, visual-spatial dyspraxia, stuttering, difficulties with concentration /comprehension / memorization / restitution (short-lived and poor quality process), headaches, ophthalmic pains, space-time difficulties …


Have more specific tools and strategies for dyslaterality-related disorders


Develop a better laterality structuring :

Rehabilitate one’s original laterality by activating the correct neural circuits

Adapt to the system without tension and as coherently as possible

Find the best space-time representation (space-time management)


Of the integration and learning of the method

Of the reduction, or even the disappearance of the symptoms

Optimization of the cognitive, emotional, intuitive and creative abilities

Strengthening of self-esteem and self-confidence for a better psychological balance

Description :

A laterality confusion leading to a dyslaterality can have “functional” impacts (body / mind – cognitive – conative / volition) :

We assess the consequences of space-time representation on the patient.

We assess possible links with difficulties in organizing one’s activities and work, in making choices, in projecting into the future or being stuck in the past and procrastinating.

There can be a repercussion on identity, personality, self-esteem and self-confidence: laterapedagogy work will stimulate the possibilities that will increase individuation skills.

You will learn to

Use laterality tests ;

Carry out a “laterality rehabilitation” and an “adaptation to the system”;


Protocol exercises and strategies while creating bespoke exercises adapted to your profile if required;

The application of laterapedagogy tools (Canson tracing paper notebook, the double-sided whiteboard, the arrow…)


“Functional” (body / mind – cognitive) as well as psychological (cognitive and affective / emotional, conscious and subconscious mechanisms) impacts

There can be an even stronger repercussion on individuation, and therefore on identity, personality, self-esteem and self-confidence.

You will learn to

Decipher all these processes and their challenges ;

Help the patient to self-regulate their emotions ;

Help the patient to identify their emotions, passive states, give them the space their deserve, feel legitimate, transform and gradually implement the change, discover the resources of what their Self truly desires.


The studying and working on the 5 existential constraints and their challenges ;

Specific lateratherapy exercises such as the “cascade of consequences” and the “life path”.

The training will include

Theoretical syntheses

Clinical vignettes

Real cases encountered in your professional practice, your shared experience in particular using the method and the tools in order to:

Highlight the difficulties encountered and the successes;

Identify and understand your students’ / patients’ reactions to the method;

Go further and discover new and best suited behaviours;

Try and find sufficiently good answers to your questions.

The “Licence to practise”

The “Licence to practise” Laterapedagogy-Lateratherapy is exclusively issued by Joëlle Morice Mugnier.

Prerequisite – 18.5-hr (minimum) training

The validation of your case study will make it possible to assess whether you can practise Laterapedagogy® and/or Lateratherapy®.

Attending all 4 work sessions (12 hrs at an hourly rate)

Attending at least 3 extra, individual 1.5-hour sessions (4.5 hrs at an hourly rate) to support the case study that you will present

Present and validate 1 case study (2 hrs at an hourly rate for study / assessment)

A laterapedagogue practices laterapedagogy,

which they integrate into their specific professional practice.

A laterapractitioner practices laterapedagogy and lateratherapy,

which they integrate into their specific professional practice.


Laterapedagogue and Laterapractitioner

Training Duration

18.5 hours (minimum) over 4 months – 3 stages

Flexible upon request

Training Location

Training Fee

Upon request

Training Sessions

Upon request

Creating your File

Upon request